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Contribute toward the improvement of people’s health and progress in society through the development of innovative productsContribute toward the improvement of people’s health and progress in society through the development of innovative products

We will implement management that achieves "contribution to society" and "the Group growth" by providing highly specialized products and services.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2025 has set promotion of ESG management as a key measure for realizing our Corporate Philosophy of “Contribute toward the improvement of people’s health and progress in society through the development of innovative products.” In April 2021, we began by establishing the ESG Committee in tandem with the transition to a holding company structure. The committee will play a central role in appropriately examining, identifying and addressing the material issues to be dealt with by the entire Group. At the same time, we will strive to continue putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice, improve corporate value over the medium to long term and build relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

From the perspective of the environment—the “E” in ESG—we are working toward specific numerical targets we have set for reducing energy consumption, promoting reduction of waste emissions and reuse, and controlling emissions of substances that affect air and water quality in our production and all other business activities.

For the element of society (S), we intend to continue the unique activities of each of our businesses based on their approach of contributing to society. Examples include contributing to people’s health and quality of life with hormone-related substances. In particular, we recognize that one of our most important duties to society is to utilize our treatments in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and the information communication capabilities of Mint+ Health Lab for Women, a new organization we established in 2020, to support women’s health and productive lifestyles in accordance with their life stages. Moreover, in keeping with our commitment to providing pharmaceuticals for which needs are high regardless of the size of the market, we would like to address unmet medical needs for diseases for which no effective treatment has yet been found.

For corporate governance (G), we have set up functions within ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings to control governance throughout the Group and established a structure that enables us to conduct business operations under a unified policy. We are also focusing on recruiting and training human resources with an emphasis on diversity, and during Medium-Term Management Plan 2025 we will promote the creation of workplaces in which diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of age or attributes.

Takashi Yamaguchi
Takashi Yamaguchi
President, Representative Director

(As of December 24, 2021)

Become a Total Healthcare Company with a Strong Foundation as a Specialty Pharma CompanyBecome a Total Healthcare Company with a Strong Foundation as a Specialty Pharma Company

We aim to build a society where women can play a more prominent role and improve animal welfare

My mission as a Board Member in charge of sustainability is to contribute to the resolution of social issues and the building of a sustainable society, while continuously enhancing corporate value by using the knowledge and expertise on hormones that we have accumulated over the past 100 years as a source of growth.

In April 2021, we took a new step forward with the transition to a holding company structure, and we strive to solve social issues through our business based on our corporate philosophy: Contribute toward the improvement of people's health and progress in society through the development of innovative products. The ESG Committee, which was established at the same time as the transition to the holding company structure, has identified 17* material issues that should be promoted throughout the Group, and has been working on the promotion of ESG management.

Firstly, with regard to measures to address climate change, we have disclosed climate-related information in line with the TCFD recommendations, and we have prioritized measures to reduce CO2 emissions by expanding solar power generation and introducing clean energy, especially at our factory that consumes large amounts of energy.

Furthermore, we have set forth in the Medium-Term Management Plan 2025 our management vision: Become a Total Healthcare Company with a Strong Foundation as a Specialty Pharma Company. Among the 17* material issues identified by the ESG Committee, we recognize that "contribution to women's health" and "contribution to animal health" are our characteristic material issues, and we will enhance our corporate value by addressing these material issues on a Group-wide basis.

We firmly believe that the promotion of women's advancement, which is being promoted on a national scale, is closely related to women's health and that this is an area in which we can make a significant contribution, given our materiality of “contribution to women's health.” In addition to expanding our product lineup to solve women's health issues, we will contribute to improving women's health and health literacy by disseminating information from Health Lab Mint⁺ for Women’s health, established in 2020. Furthermore, in April 2023, we began new initiatives, including the establishment of the Femtech Business Promotion Unit to find solutions to a wide range of women's health issues, as well as our existing efforts.

In the area of “contribution to animal health,” we will expand companion animal-related pharmaceuticals and move into the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals for industrial use by leveraging the synergies of the Group based on our knowledge and expertise in hormones.

In April 2023, we newly established the Sustainability Promotion Section within the Corporate Planning Department to further accelerate our efforts to date. We will continue to place sustainability at the center of our management and meet the expectations of our stakeholders by maximizing corporate economic value and enhancing social value at the same time. We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

Atsushi Maruo
In Charge of Sustainability
Senior Managing Member of the Board of Directors, Representative Director

(As of April 3, 2023)
*The number of material issues has now been consolidated to 11.