Business Activities

Introducing the business activities of our group.

Pharmaceutical Business

ASKA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1920, ASKA Pharmaceutical has continued to research, develop, manufacture, and market hormonal formulations, enhancing their technologies and availability for patients.
Currently, we are strengthening our presence as a specialty pharma company to deliver more value-added products specializing in the three core businesses, "endocrinology," "obstetrics and gynecology," and "urology."

Animal Health Business

ASKA Animal Health Co., Ltd.

ASKA Animal Health operates under the corporate philosophy of "contributing towards the creation of a society in which people and animals can coexist in harmony by protecting animal health and food safety."
The business is based on the two pillars of the animal health business and animal feed additives business respectively, and contributes to producers and veterinary professionals, through the maintenance and improvement of productivity of livestock and marine products, which form the basis of food self-sufficiency in Japan. In addition the Company undertakes the research, development, manufacture, import and sale of animal health products that are beneficial for maintaining the health of companion animals, such as dogs and cats.

Other Businesses

ASKA Pharma Medical Co., Ltd.

Based on its corporate philosophy of "contributing to the creation of a prosperous healthy society through the latest measurement technologies," ASKA Pharma Medical is developing its business with a focus on the examination and testing business.
As a member of the ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Group, leveraging the Company’s advanced technologies and extensive know-how created to date, we aim to contribute to a wide range of fields, including basic research, clinical research and diagnostics, centered on the measurement of steroid hormones and other bioactive substances.

Systematic Diagram of Business(Business model)

The following is a schematic diagram of the business

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