Basic Policy

ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter also referred to briefly as “ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings” or the “Company”) strives to disclose information regarding management policies, business strategies, performance and finances to its shareholders and investors, in a timely, appropriate and proactive manner.

Information Disclosure Methods

ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings will disclose information in a timely manner based on the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “TSE”). Said information will be posted on the Companys website promptly after registration and disclosure on TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) provided by the TSE. In addition, information not subject to the timely disclosure rules will be swiftly disclosed through press releases or on our website in some other form, depending on its importance and urgency. Not all of the information we disclose will be made available on our website, however.

Management of Insider Information (Prevention of Insider Trading)

ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings, in accordance with insider information management regulations, establishes basic matters to be complied with in the management of insider information acquired by our executive officers and employees during the course of business and in the purchase and sale of equity holdings, etc. in an effort to prevent insider trading. The Company regularly inform executive officers and employees of these basic matters to be complied with in the management of insider information and in the purchase and sale of equity holdings, etc., and executive officers and employees are required to submit notification in advance when purchasing or selling stock.

Quiet Period

In order to ensure fairness of disclosure and prevent leaks of earnings-related information, including quarterly reports, ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings has set a quiet period from the business day following the settlement closing date to the day on which earnings are announced. During this period, the Company will refrain from responding to questions or commenting on our account settlement and earnings forecast. However, if a matter arises during the period that falls within the scope of the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the TSE, said information will be disclosed in a swift, timely and appropriate manner. The Company will respond to inquiries regarding information not related to financial results and other information that has already been disclosed even during the quiet period.

Information Disclosure Related to Forward-Looking Statements

There are times when ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings may disclose information regarding financial forecasts, plans and strategies, etc. (forward-looking statements). These forward-looking statements are based on information available at the time of disclosure, current assumptions and future forecasts, and involve unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. As a result, many factors could cause the Company’s actual results and performance to be materially different from these forward-looking statements.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties and Performance Forecasts by Third Parties

ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings will only make reference to facts that have already been released or are otherwise well known, or other information such as that relating to the general business environment, to institutional investors and analysts, etc. In addition, we do not endorse any comments or performance forecasts, etc. related to the Company that are made by third parties.