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Social Contribution Activities(Community Involvement and Development)

The Company aims to be actively involved in the local community and to develop together through activities such as community revitalization and employment promotion.

Basic Principles of Social Contribution Activities

As a good corporate citizen, our CSR Guiding Principles clearly state that ASKA Pharmaceutical Holdings Group will proactively promote communication with local communities and society, and make social contributions.

In addition to providing economic support for disasters, poverty, and environmental issues in Japan and overseas, the Company also aims to coexist in harmony with local communities, actively conducting regular cleanup activities around its business sites and hosting factory tours, and engaging in a variety of social contribution activities to be trusted by society and to be a company that can continue to grow together with society. ASKA Pharmaceutical's "Health Lab Mint+ for Women’s health" provides the general public with tips on how to gain correct knowledge about women's bodies and health.
In addition, the company contributes to the development of the next generation through a variety of initiatives, including health education for children.

CSR Activities Promotion Structure

The Company has established its CSR guiding principles and is committed to the continuous growth of the group as a whole and contributing to society. As a trusted company, we will increase profitability through sound business practices and fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

1 Supplying high-quality pharmaceuticals
  1. All employees conduct business with integrity guided by our corporate philosophy.
  2. We provide a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals with excellent efficacy and safety profiles.
2 Ensuring compliance
  1. We are thoroughly committed to corporate ethics and to compliance with all laws and regulations.
  2. We maintain fair relationships with stakeholders and conduct transactions that are fair-minded, transparent, and based on free competition.
  3. Regarding the protection of personal information, we manage the information in compliance with our privacy policy.
3 Respecting human rights
  1. We respect the human rights of all people affected by our business practices.
  2. We respect the diversity of our employees and strive to foster a safe and comfortable corporate culture.
4 Contributing to communities and society
  1. As a good corporate citizen, we communicate with the local community and broader society while striving to contribute to the world.
5 Preserving the environment
  1. We participate in the realization of a sustainable society through environmental preservation and by practicing environmental management.

Supporting Women's Advancement in Society through the Activities of Health Lab Mint+ for Women’s Health

The Health Lab Mint+ for Women’s health provides the general public with tips on how women can live a healthy and fulfilling life as well as accurate information on women's bodies and health by staying attuned to women's unique and painful symptoms for a wide range of life stages.

The Mint+ website is overseen by specialist physicians and other experts. It provides easy-to-understand explanations ranging from basic knowledge of women’s bodies to changes in their physical condition accompanying hormonal changes at each life stage, and information on diseases specific to women. We also provide tips for women with a food-based approach to help them lead healthy everyday lives. We strive to pick up broadly on concerns that women have about their bodies that they tend to keep to themselves and on disorders or worries they cannot put into words. We work to provide information and refine our content in the hope that we can alleviate women’s anxieties by conveying accurate information and to be a pillar of support for them to lead healthy lives.

The website “Health Lab Mint+ for Women’s health” (Japanese version only)

Activities of the Project to Promote Women’s Health Starting from Food

Activities of the Project to Promote Women’s Health Starting from Food

We are working to further develop activities to help more women lead healthy and fulfilling lives amid a growing interest in women’s health issues and the increasing importance of food. In September 2021, we launched the Project to Promote Women’s Health Starting from Food with ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd.’s ABC HEALTH LABO. As part of this project, we offer online seminars in which doctors and other experts explain women’s health issues. These explanations are supported by nutritionists who present information on nutrition and give demonstration lessons for cooking with ingredients (nutrients) that help relieve certain symptoms. To date, seminars have been held on the topics of "female hormones," "thyroid gland," "menstruation," "menopause," and "preconception care.


Exhibited at Femtech Tokyo

Exhibited at Femtech Tokyo

We exhibited at the first Femtech Tokyo exhibition (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Organizer: RX Japan Ltd.). The event showcased Femtech and Femcare products and services that can help resolve issues at the various life stages of women. For Mint+, we introduced activities that support women’s health by disseminating accurate information about women’s bodies and health.

Launch of Mint+ teens LINE account

In conjunction with the launch of Mint+ activities, we have also begun distributing information on LINE
As of April 2024, we have more than 5,000 registered subscribers, indicating the high level of interest in women's health and high expectations for Mint+. We will continue to develop new content in the future.

 Mint+ teens LINE account (Japanese version only)

Health Education for Children and Younger Generation

We contribute to the development of the next generation by providing health education and other programs for children and the younger generation.

Mintteens website

Mint+ teens, launched in August 2021, provides teenagers with information about changes in physical condition related to female hormones. The website includes videos that are set in a high school and feature the story of four students attending a special class taught by Teacher ASKA. The videos address real questions and concerns of high school girls, aiming to deepen their knowledge about their bodies and female hormones. The website is also enriched with illustrated content that provides easy-to-understand explanations related to physical care, questions, and concerns

Mint+teens website (Japanese version only)

Launch of Mint+ teens Instagram account

In March 2023, we launched a Mint+ teens official Instagram account as a new point of contact with teenagers. The account shares information on the physical changes associated with hormonal changes, in line with teenagers’ school life and events. We provide an accessible and trustworthy resource for high school girls by sharing accurate information to alleviate their anxiety.

 Mint+ teens Instagram account


Sponsored the Comprehensive Sexual Education Project
The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Project

Since FY2022, We have sponsored the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Project, an initiative promoted by the Asahi Gakusei Shimbun Company and Dentsu Inc. aimed at creating opportunities for elementary and junior high school students and their parents to obtain accurate information about sex (sexual education). We want parents and children to be able to talk openly about sex, which is often considered a taboo subject, and to have a correct understanding of it.

We held an online seminar for elementary school students and their parents that introduced the topic of menstruation. Dr. Kuniko Tsukada, Director of Atlas Ladies’ Clinic, gave an easy-to-understand explanation of the changes in the bodies of boys and girls, the changes that occur until women have a baby, and how to safeguard one’s own body.

Distribution of health and physical education supplementary materials for high school students
Health and physical education supplementary material for high school students

In 2020. we published health and physical education supplementary material for high school students entitled High School Students “Now” – The Female Body: What You Should Know. This material has been completely updated in 2024. We distributed this to educational institutions nationwide as a sex-education resource to provide students with accurate information about menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, contraception, and STD.

Support for local childcare

An event on child-rearing, led by the mother of an Olympic gold medalist, was organized for preschool children and their parents in Minato Ward, where our head office is located. The event featured a craft activity for children, led by nursery school teachers in the first half, and exercise sessions for parents and children in the second half. In addition, we held a Christmas concert at the head office to refresh the hearts and minds of local residents.

Contribute to the development of culture and the arts

Sponsorships for a Public Foundation

The Group supports the Yamaguchi Endocrine Research Foundation, a public foundation that nurtures multifaceted research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of endocrine disorders. As part of efforts to actively disseminate information on endocrine-related disorders and engage in related awareness-raising activities, the foundation publishes a wide range of information on its website, including the latest information on endocrine-related disorders, for researchers, specialists, and other interested parties.

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research

The origins of our business are in hormone preparations, and we have accumulated technology, knowledge and achievements in hormone research over the past 100 years. Now, the ASKA Pharmaceutical Shonan Research Center is accelerating open innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration, including joint research with venture companies and universities to hasten drug discovery.

PMS/PMDD Treatment

We have entered into a co-development and exclusive option agreement for RS8001 (pyridoxamine), a development product of RenaScience, and are conducting Phase II investigator-initiated clinical trials in collaboration with medical institutions such as Tohoku University and Kinki University. * Premenstrual syndrome / premenstrual dysphoric disorder
※Premenstrual syndrome / premenstrual dysphoric disorder


Donations and Sponsorships

In order to continue to be a Group that coexists with local communities, we provide financial support for disaster recovery, poverty, and environmental issues, both in Japan and abroad. Recently, we have made donations to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, the Japan Association for the World Food Programme, and Save the Children. The amount of community investment in our Group is as follows.

FY/Amount(thousands of yen)
 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
 6,200 6,000 3,200 10,210 9,230

Disaster Recovery Assistance and Humanitarian Aid

In order to ensure that we remain a company that coexists with local communities, we provide disaster recovery assistance and humanitarian aid both in Japan and overseas.

Hosting Company Visits and Factory Tours

The Group hosts company visits and factory tours at all of its business locations. ASKA Pharmaceutical’s Shonan Research Center and Iwaki Factory offer internships and host tours for students and other groups from various industries. We intend to continue to actively host company visits and plant tours in the future.


Local Community

Volunteer Cleanup Activities

Volunteer activities

The Volunteer Circle “Marguerite,” which was founded in 2008 by employee volunteers, has been involved in a wide range of activities mainly in Minato-ku, Tokyo, where the Company’s head office is located. In March 2016, it received the first Corporate Volunteer Award from the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center in recognition of its activities. From 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, events in the areas of our worksites were scaled back, making it difficult to carry out activities as in the past. However, we have been carrying out community-based activities where possible, including spring and fall cleanup activities around our head office, and support for activities (collection and donation of milk cartons) of NPOs in Minato-ku. These volunteer activities also lead to the growth of participating employees in terms of communication skills, cooperation, positive attitude, and leadership.

Contribution to local community events

Community Development Activities

The Shibaura 2-chome Town Association Summer Evening Festival We will continue with various activities including cooperation with the Shibaura 2-chome Town Association Summer Evening Festival, which resumed in 2022, as well as our association with the Minato Council of Social Welfare as a member of the community.

Community Development Activities

Contribute to the development of culture and the arts

DUC Christmas Concert

We held the "DUC Christmas Concert," a project to refresh the spirit through music, at our head office hall, inviting people from the neighboring community. Approximately 180 people attended the concert.

In addition, we endorsed the objectives of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, a public interest incorporated foundation that actively contributes to society through music, as part of its Tohoku reconstruction assistance and social contribution activities, and made a corporate donation to become a special member of the orchestra.

Disaster Prevention Efforts

Disaster Prevention Efforts

As a corporate participant in the Minato City Shibaura Coastal Disaster Prevention Liaison Committee, we participate in working seminars about disaster prevention awareness held by the Committee and exchange opinions on regional disaster prevention with other participating companies. In addition, we have formulated a BCP for natural disasters such as large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis. We are working to establish a system that will enable us to restore business activities quickly. At our head office and factory, we conduct periodic disaster drills to ensure that all employees are familiar with evacuation routes in the event of a disaster and how to respond in the event of a fire. At the head office, a lecture on AED operation was given with the cooperation of the neighboring fire department. In addition, they explained how to use an indoor fire hydrant.

Community Development Activities

Participation in community events
Iwaki Odori 2023

In Iwaki City, where our factory is located, we participated in "Iwaki Odori 2023" in August 2023, which was held for the first time in four years.

Support for Local Sports

We are registered as a supporting partner of Iwaki FC, a professional soccer team whose hometown is Iwaki City, where our factory is located, in support of their philosophy.

Local Employment

We believe that in contributing to local communities through our business, it is important to create jobs by hiring local employees. We will contribute to the development of the various regions in which we operate by revitalizing local employment and promoting local procurement